Specialist Private Investigation Services

Specialist Private Investigator Moe, has 30 years experience with the South African Police (Special Branch), Senior Collector/Researcher for the National Intelligence Service of South Africa,
Former Intelligence/Counter Intelligence/ Espionage/Counter Espionage Intelligence Field Operative .
Currently Specializing in :


  • Cellular Interceptions, Incoming and Outgoing Call Recording, Incoming and Outgoing Whatsapp Audio & Video Call Recording, Whatsapp Chats (both ways), SMS, etc….
  • Pinging of Lost/Stolen/Mislaid Mobile Devices & Obtaining of Location of device, Pinging of Mobile Numbers for Location Services etc…
  • Recordings, Recovery of Android & iPhone Data, Unlocking Sim, Deleted Contacts, Data Extraction from damaged mobile devices, messages, all information from SD Cards & Sim Cards….
  • Locate your lost mobile phone, or block and erase all its information, including the SD card, VIA any laptop or desktop…
Specialist Private Investigator